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Group health insurance plans are a form of employer paid health insurance. With a group health insurance plan:

  • The employer selects and purchases the health insurance.
  • Costs can be shared between the employer and the employee, and coverage may also be extended to dependents.
  • The employer generally must contribute at least 50% towards the cost of the employee’s plan.
  • Premium contributions an employer makes are tax-deductible and premium contributions employees make can be made pre-tax as long as the business has a Section 125, Premium Only Plan in place.

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  • Generally 50 or fewer employees may be eligible to buy coverage throug the Small Business health Options Program (SHOP).
  • 50 or more full-time equivalent employees will need to file an annual infomration return reporting whether and what health insurance they offered employees.  In addition, they are subject to the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions.
  • Regardless of size, all employers that provide self-insured health coverage to their employees must file an annual return reporting certain information for each employee they cover.
  • Certain affiliated employers with common ownership or part of a controlled group must aggregate their employees to determin their workforce size.

Employers can learn more about the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions at the  IRS website. 

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